Up-and-coming Tallinn has no shortage of hip, cozy hangouts, but Maiasmokk, built in 1864, remains a classic and the oldest operational café in the city. Its interior has been preserved for almost a century and recalls the Historicist style of a Viennese coffeehouse with ornate ceilings and mirrored walls. Estonians don't take their coffee in any particular way, so feel free to choose from a range of espresso beverages or stick with filtered—Maiasmokk's blend beats anything you'll find at Starbucks. The cafe is owned by the Kalev confectionary company and sells its famous chocolates alongside cakes, pastries, and handmade marzipan figurines from Kalev's Marzipan Museum Room located in the same building. A few sandwiches and salads make a quick lunch option for sightseers on the go, but the focus remains on all things sweet (Maiasmokk literally translates to "Sweet Tooth" in English). Despite its pleasant atmosphere, business travelers and laptop-users seeking a quiet place to work won’t find it here—Maiasmokk's central location invites crowds, and its small wooden tables and chairs are less than ideal for lingering.

-Roxie Pell