Patrons of the lavish Restaurant Tchaikovsky are greeted with a flute of champagne at the start of their meal, and the luxe touches only increases from there. Part of the five-star Hotel Telegraaf, Tchaikovsky was voted Tallinn's best restaurant and the second-best in the country for its intricate dishes and attentive service. Chef de Cuisine Vladislav Djatšuk, finalist in Europe's prestigious Bocuse d'Or contest, has designed a menu meant to "reproduce the recipes of forgotten masters" with rich, Russian-French fusion meals that range from simple classics like roasted halibut and potatoes to ambitious experiments, like scallops with apple cider jelly and frozen beetroot yogurt. Inventive palette cleansers and amuse-bouches break up the parade of courses, while pirozhki, pelimeni, and a wide vodka selection recall the restaurant's Russian theme. Muted design and a small room create an intimate atmosphere, while plush seating, gilded frames, and a sunroof liven the space. During the summer an outdoor terrace offers a lunch menu of lighter fare accompanied by live music. Indoors, a salon trio sets the mood on weekend nights with classical music in Tchaikovsky's main restaurant. And yes, they play the Nutcracker.

-Roxie Pell