Just north of Nusa Dua lies Tanjung Benoa fishing village. The labyrinth of streets in this town makes for a good stroll, certainly more culturally interesting than sterile Nusa Dua. Tanung Benoa is a center for watersports, such as snorkeling, windsurfing, water-skiing, parasailing, and outrigger sailing, thanks to the calm protected lagoon.

For centuries the natural means of communication between this area and the rest of Bali was by boat, as this was easier than the overland route via Jimbaran. Tanjung Benoa, which appears isolated at the tip of the peninsula, was a trading port for Badung and the eastern Bukit, with a world outlook extending right across the archipelago. Its population still bears traces of this mercantile past. Chinese have lived here for centuries and a Tatu Cina or shrine in the local temple bears witness to this, as does the Chinese temple located next to the mosque, which is next to the Hindu temple, which is all cattycorner to the fish market.