Named for the famous Russian art critic and ballet impresario, Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev, this boutique hotel has cannily channeled both the great man’s superb sense of style and his delight in the innovative. All of the one- and two-bedroom suites are decorated with striking original art (some for sale), and set up, purposefully, to enhance sleep. There is a current theory that light disrupts sleep patterns, so it is banished from the bedrooms entirely—no blinking TV lights or glowing clocks are allowed, and even the sheets and pillowcases are black, so as to “promote restorative sleep”. The separate living areas make this a good choice for business travelers as well as for tourists who want room to spread out. There’s no beach atmosphere (or proximity), but you stay here to be in the zone for Tel Aviv’s centers of commerce and style. Up to four people can fit into a suite.