Tel Aviv

Best Nightlife in Tel Aviv

No matter what season, Tel Aviv throbs with activity after sundown. Strollers are out on the boulevards, people-watchers crowd the cafes, clubs and discos bustle and crash, and restaurants are packed. Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays are the big nights...  Read more >

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Fromm-rating-1star Name Category
Bet Lessin The Performing Arts
Chamara Bars & Pubs
Dix Gay & Lesbian Bars
Evita Gay & Lesbian Bars
Gordon Inn Coffee Houses
Ha-Bimah National Theater The Performing Arts
HaOman 17 Dance Clubs
Israel Philharmonic Orchestra The Performing Arts
Jaffa Bar Bars & Pubs
M.A.S.H. Beer Gardens
Mike’s Place Pub
Mishmish Bars & Pubs
Nanutchka Bars & Pubs
New Cameri Theater The Performing Arts
New Israeli Opera The Performing Arts
Shalvata Dance Clubs
Shpagat Straight-Friendly Bar Gay & Lesbian Bars
Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater The Performing Arts
Tel Aviv Cinémathèque Films
Tel Aviv Museum of Art/Recanati Hall The Performing Arts
Tzavta The Performing Arts