Chef Meir Adoni’s Catit offers the most justly praised menu in Tel Aviv. Born of Adoni’s skill and creativity, and making use of traditions from around the Mediterranean, the menu’s always changing but, as a constant, both appetizers and main courses contain many layers of tastes and ingredients. What do we mean? Consider a recent delight Adonis served up: grilled calamari stuffed with lamb and mozzarella then rolled into grilled eggplant and topped with goat yogurt, techina, roasted beans, and olive oil. A supremely complex dish, but one that worked like a charm. On that same day, foie gras was served, on grilled semolina with vanilla pastry and caramelized bananas in a sauce of veal stock and coffee (it was exquisite). Other elements of the meal are similarly flawless, including the smart wine list and the desserts, each of which looks like a work of art. The setting is simple but elegant—a background in which to savor the rich, complex dishes.  Reservations required.