You dine here in white-on-white splendor right out of “Architectural Digest”—white drapes, white polished marble floors, and a long white communal table with a polished burl wood top running down the center of the dining room, surrounded by upholstered white armchairs. All the color is reserved for the food, and it is colorful, as well as mighty tasty. A first course might be seared portobello mushrooms served over corn polenta, tomatoes, Parmesan, truffle oil, and a poached egg. A main course could consist of seafood couscous in crab and lemon thyme sauce, or succulent lamb chops baked in focaccia with lemon butter, garlic confit, and cream of chili. Chef Moshe Aviv’s is constantly changing the menu. In addition to the common banquet table, there are individual tables, a black on black bar, a fine wine list, and rich desserts. No need for black tie here, but come in your traveler’s best. Reserve at least 2 days in advance.