The best Asian restaurant in Israel. Period. It dazzles those who know real Thai cuisine, and makes converts of those who are new to this cuisine. The brainchild of an adventurous Israeli who spent years in Thailand living in a number of villages throughout the country, Thai House does the standard Thai dishes (so if you must, you can order pad thai). But it’s the adventurous eaters who are rewarded here, those who sample the more exotic village fare that’s rarely cooked outside of Thailand. This includes eggplant gaeng kew wan, aubergines simmered to perfection in a green curry coconut milk sauce; papaya salad dotted with paper-thin slices of rare roast beef and mint in a spicy sweet and sour fish sauce; and the unusual coriander shrimp rolls with bean noodles. Cocktails and wines are specially chosen to complement the menu. Ask questions and let the staff direct you.