Three words: fried fish cones. "Il Pescato Cucinato" means "cooked catch," and that's what it comes down to at this hole-in-the-wall friggitoria (loosely, purveyor of fried foods). Whether it's calamari, clams, cod, or anchovies, there's only one method of cooking, and that's frying—but in a light batter that gives a nice crisp coat to the fish without overwhelming it. Along with your marine creatures encased in a golden mantle, the cone comes with thick-cut french fries and onion rings, plus a lemon wedge to squeeze over the whole thing and a wooden stick for impaling the small bits at the bottom. The simple yet satisfying offerings of Il Pescato Cucinato make it a favorite resource of weary hikers and a boon for those nearing pasta/pizza burnout (hey, it happens). This is not a sit-down place, but can buy wine by the glass or bottle, which you can take with you—no open container laws here—and enjoy a perfect little low-key picnic on a nearby bench or up on the rocks.