In laid-back Manarola, this traditional restaurant offers a cheerful dining room with colorful murals of the local landscape plus a littlebox-shaped veranda for "street side" dining—it's a great spot to take in a typical Ligurian meal without spending anywhere near the kind of money you would at the fancier Trattoria dal Billy, the other Manarola restaurant we recommend. There are no water views, but you'll get the marine vibe from boats pulled up on the street nearby, and it's a prime spot for people watching as it's on the main drag from the train station toward the harbor. In additional to all kinds of seafood primi , the restaurant also does pesto with a wide range of pasta types (gnocchi, trofie, testaroli) as well as spaghetti al pomodoro or alla carbonara for fish-phobes. Among the secondi, your only non-fish option is a basic bistecca . As elsewhere along the proud Ligurian coast, the menu is mostly about grilled, baked, and fried fish, octopus, lobster, you name it, all washed down with the local white wine, vermentino . Good news for celiacs and paleos: Il Porticciolo makes gluten-free pastas and servers won't treat you like a freak for requesting it. Free Wi-Fi.