This family-run restaurant is considered one of the best in the Cinque Terre. In addition to the friendly service and the tasty, beautifully presented dishes, you can dine in a lovely garden with the smell of lemon and rosemary in the air. Most notable dishes include the grilled calamari, the monkfish ravioli, and pesce al sale, which is your choice of fresh fish covered in coarse salt and slowly cooked in a wood-burning oven (the salt is removed before the fish is served). Many dishes are served in large scallop-like dishes made of dough, and in fact all dishes are presented in some artful, creative manner, adding to the already charming ambience. It’s not cheap, but the food and setting make it worthwhile. The da Fina family has also opened a catina (cantina) just a few doors down that offers dining alfresco and seaside as well as a bit of nightlife.