Trattoria dal Billy is practically minted as Manarola's special-occasion restaurant, but one of the reasons we like it so much is that, even with the splurge factor, you still get a folksy-family vibe. Located in a slender pink palazzo in the high part of Manarola town, Dal Billy consists of three levels of dining areas and an outdoor terrace, which is small and, subsequently, highly sought-after in good weather. (Translation: reservations are key; if possible, call or email a week in advance.) The restaurant is known for its uber-fresh fish, which is unloaded from a boat and spirited from the harbor up through town to the kitchen mere minutes before it's served to you. Preparations run the gamut from standard Ligurian classics to more creative combinations, such as the tagliolini alla Billy , with shellfish and red peppers. The highlight here, however, is the mixed fish appetizer, which, with 12 mini-courses of hot and cold delicacies, is an introductory course on Ligurian seafood and simply exploding with diverse flavors. At the end of your meal, bottles of grappa, limoncello and other homemade digestivi are presented at your table, and you're invited/encouraged to drink as much as you want, on the house.