Originally opened in 1946, the Galei Kinneret overlooks the serene, freshwater Sea of Galilee and harkens back, in its ambiance, to the golden days of the city. We can thank the hotel’s original CEO Lotte Eisenberg, for its good looks. Partnering with the Africa Palestine Company and architect Aharon Kempinski, Lotte oversaw the luxury hotel's creation from the ground up and filled it with antiques, works of art, and delightful treasures from all over the world. The guest rooms were recently refurbished and feature sinuously elegant wooden furnishings, chaise lounges, rain showers in the bathroom. All rooms facing either the Sea of Galilee or surrounding mountains, some with balconies, and a few with Jacuzzis on those balconies. Guests are treated to private boat excursions and have access to a private, manicured beach beneath the citrus cliffs of the Golan Heights, where sun beds and a food truck await (open from 9am-4pm). The on-site restaurant, named as a tribute to the hotel's first lady, is a gluttonous culinary experience with famed chef Assaf Granit (of Machneyehuda and Tzemah in Jerusalem) calling all the delicious shots. Granit’s extensive menu pulls from the Tiberian food heritage with salads highlighting local produce, wines of the region, and a number of reimagined classics, like sweetbreads with an almond tahini, or Tunisian Cigar with mackerel.