Walking distance from bucolic Riverdale Farm, along a quiet residential row of redbrick Victorians, is this seven-room bed-and-breakfast. The rooms are decorated in theme with the era it was built (circa 1890s): stately sleigh beds, damask throws, and Persian rugs. The century-old house creaks underfoot, but that only adds to the allure. In a more modern building, the wear would make the place seem tired; here it feels apropos. The best room is the Trillium, which takes up the top floor of the house (that means no footsteps overhead) and has its private en suite and terrace. The fridge is perennially stocked with juices, snacks, and breakfast fodder. Although the B&B is technically located in Cabbagetown, known for its gorgeous historic homes, this particular pocket can be dodgy at night. Savvy urbanites will be unphased, but if you prefer your neighborhoods well-gentrified, this area may not suit your tastes.