Canadians are said to eat more mac-and-cheese than anyone, and here is one spot you are sure to find an excellent version of it. Tiny, casual, and obsessed with all things dairy, this family-owned restaurant is best known for its gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches (Cheddar, Brie, Calderson, Asiago, Havarti, and more). Check the chalkboard menu for cheese fondue, homemade soups, a wide selection of artisan wines, craft beers, and homemade sodas (including cranberry, vanilla, orange, and lemon). You can spike your soda with gin or rum for an extra $3. The sandwiches are named for different cities the owners fancy; a sandwich and drink will easily come to less than $10. Fondue is available every day but they get creative on Fridays when a build-your-own fondue, with extra dips and drink specials, is offered. Breads for making gluten-free sandwiches and cheeses that are lactose-free are also available. The best of the week's recipes are featured on Kitchen Sink Sundays.