Best Restaurants in Toronto

Torontonians are obsessed with food. From street food to Michelin-caliber tasting menus, this town has something to sate any craving and every budget. The city's rich multicultural makeup ensures a kaleidoscopic banquet. Immigrants have flooded the fo...  Read more >

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Fromm-rating-1star Price Name Cuisine Neighborhood
Icon_dollar3 360 Restaurant Canadian Entertainment District 
Icon_dollar1 416 Snack Bar International Downtown West
Icon_dollar3 Actinolite Canadian Downtown North
Icon_dollar3 Akira Back Japanese Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Allen's American Riverdale
Icon_dollar3 Alo French Downtown West
Icon_dollar1 Annabelle Pasta Bar Italian Downtown North
Icon_dollar1 Assembly Chef's Hall International Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Asuka Japanese/Korean Yorkville
Icon_dollar3 Auberge du Pommier French Uptown
Icon_dollar1 Banh Mi Boys Vietnamese Uptown
Icon_dollar2 Bar Begonia French Downtown North
Icon_dollar2 Bar Buca Italian Downtown West
Icon_dollar3 Bar Isabel Spanish Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Bar Reyna Mediterranean Downtown North
Icon_dollar3 Barberian's Steak House Steakhouse Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Baro Latin American Downtown West
Icon_dollar3 Barrio Coreano Korean/Mexican Downtown North
Icon_dollar3 Biff's French Downtown East
Icon_dollar2 Big Crow Barbecue Downtown North
Icon_dollar1 Black Camel Sandwiches Midtown
Icon_dollar1 Burger's Priest American Downtown West
Icon_dollar3 Byblos Middle Eastern Downtown West
Icon_dollar3 Bymark American/Bistro Downtown West
Icon_dollar3 Cafe Belong Canadian Downtown East
Icon_dollar3 Canoe Restaurant & Bar Canadian Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Caplansky's Delicatessen Delicatessen Kensington Market
Icon_dollar3 Carbon Bar Barbecue Downtown East
Icon_dollar1 Carousel Bakery Sandwiches Downtown East
Icon_dollar3 Chantecler French Downtown West
Icon_dollar1 Cheesewerks Canadian King West
Icon_dollar2 City Betty Bistro The East End
Icon_dollar3 Constantine Mediterranean Downtown North
Icon_dollar3 DaiLo International Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Dandylion Canadian Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Descendant American The East End
Icon_dollar2 Diwan Middle Eastern Uptown
Icon_dollar3 Drake One Fifty Financial District
Icon_dollar2 Eastside Social Seafood The East End
Icon_dollar3 Edulis Spanish Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Edward Levesque's Kitchen Leslieville 
Icon_dollar3 Fisherman Lobster Clubhouse Chinese Uptown
Icon_dollar1 Forno Cultura Italian Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Foxley Asian Fusion Little Portugal
Icon_dollar1 George Street Diner Diner The East End
Icon_dollar2 Grano Italian Davisville
Icon_dollar2 Hudson Kitchen American Little Italy
Icon_dollar3 Joso's Mediterranean Downtown North
Icon_dollar1 Kanpai Snack Bar Taiwanese Downtown East
Icon_dollar2 Kiin Thai Downtown West
Icon_dollar1 Koi Koi Japanese Downtown West
Icon_dollar3 Kōjin International Downtown West
Icon_dollar3 Kū-kŭm Kitchen Indigenous Kensington Market
Icon_dollar3 La Banane French Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Lady Marmalade Canadian Leslieville
Icon_dollar3 Lai Wah Heen Cantonese Downtown West
Icon_dollar1 Lasa Filipino Midtown
Icon_dollar2 Little Sister Indonesian Midtown
Icon_dollar2 Madrina Spanish Downtown East
Icon_dollar3 Mamakas Greek Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Mezes Greek Greektown
Icon_dollar3 Miku Japanese Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Mill Street Brewpub American Distillery District
Icon_dollar2 Mira Peruvian Downtown West
Icon_dollar3 Montecito American Downtown West
Icon_dollar1 Oddseoul Korean/International Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Omai Japanese/Korean Downtown West
Icon_dollar3 One Canadian Uptown
Icon_dollar2 Oyster Boy Seafood Downtown West
Icon_dollar1 P.G Clucks American Downtown West
Icon_dollar1 Pai Thai Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Parallel Middle Eastern Downtown North
Icon_dollar2 Patois International Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Piano Piano Italian Downtown West
Icon_dollar1 Pinkerton Snack Bar International The East End
Icon_dollar2 Pizzeria Libretto Italian The East End
Icon_dollar1 Porchetta & Co. Italian Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Pukka Indian Midtown
Icon_dollar1 Queen Margherita Pizza Italian Leslieville
Icon_dollar1 Real Jerk Main courses $8–$24 The East End
Icon_dollar3 Richmond Station Canadian Downtown West
Icon_dollar3 Rodney’s Oyster House Seafood Entertainment District
Icon_dollar3 Ruby WatchCo Canadian The East End
Icon_dollar3 Scaramouche French Midtown
Icon_dollar1 Schmaltz Appetizing Jewish Downtown North
Icon_dollar1 Seven Lives Mexican Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Shunoko Japanese Corso Italia
Icon_dollar2 Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill Seafood Corktown
Icon_dollar1 Sugo Italian Downtown North
Icon_dollar1 Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill Canadian Toronto Pearson International Airport
Icon_dollar1 Tacos El Asador Mexican Downtown North
Icon_dollar1 Tennessee Tavern Polish/Slavic Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 Terroni Italian Downtown East
Icon_dollar2 The Black Hoof Bistro Downtown West
Icon_dollar3 The Civic Canadian The East End
Icon_dollar1 The Grilled Cheese American Kensington Market
Icon_dollar2 The Local Kitchen and Wine Bar Italian Downtown West
Icon_dollar2 The Pomegranate Persian Downtown North
Icon_dollar2 The Rectory Café Canadian Ward's Island
Icon_dollar2 The Senator American Downtown East
Icon_dollar1 The Stop Market Café Canadian Bracondale Hill
Icon_dollar3 TOCA Canadian Downtown West
Icon_dollar1 Traditional Chinese Bun Chinese Downtown West
Icon_dollar3 Trattoria Giancarlo Italian Downtown West
Icon_dollar1 Tsujiri North York Japanese Uptown
Icon_dollar2 Watermark Irish Pub and Restaurant American Queens Quay Terminal building
Icon_dollar3 Woodlot Restaurant and Bakery Canadian Downtown West
Icon_dollar3 Yasu Japanese Downtown West