This diner is a dead ringer for the soda shop Archie Andrews and his Riverdale pals frequent in the famed comic series. With its soda fountain bar seats and red vinyl booths, stepping into the George Street Diner transports you away from the skyscraping Toronto of today to a simpler time, an era of meatloaf mains and milkshakes. Many think that the wallet-friendly prices equal standard greasy diner fare. This is not the case. The George Street kitchen places an emphasis on organic ingredients and seasonal produce. So while classics like club sandwiches, burgers, and grilled cheeses are on offer, there are many healthful options, too, including a fabulously fresh fattoush falafel salad. For breakfast, the banana chocolate chip French toast is a crowd-pleasing belt-buster. Or you could be healthy and order the house-made granola, but where’s the fun in that?