Every summer in early August Toronto goes Greek with the weekend-long "Taste of the Danforth" street festival that attracts up to a million people. You don't have to wait until August though; you can head for Greektown year-round, and Mezes is in the heart of it, serving traditional Greek cuisine in a bustling, family-friendly atmosphere. The 90-seat restaurant is named for the traditional small Greek dishes that are often shared, and here they include calamari in a crispy batter, grilled octopus, pureed potato and garlic, and a selection of dips to be scooped up with garlicky pita bread. They can be a way to begin your meal, or a meal in themselves. Entrees, from succulent lamb to fresh fish, are served in plentiful portions. A memorable dish: Saganaki (a cheese pancake), which is flambéed at your table. There is an extensive list of Greek wines, a covered 20-seat sidewalk patio, and they even offer a separate gluten-free menu. If the neighborhood looks familiar, some scenes for the film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" were shot in shops here.