To eat your pizza “libretto style” means pinching the crust in such a way that it folds the slice shut, almost like closing a book. (Libretto, after all, means "booklet" in English.) It’s a necessary strategy when eating the floppy Neapolitan pizzas pulled from the wood-fired oven at this Danforth pizzeria. The food is textbook Neopolitan: pizzas, salads, and assaggini such as burrata, beef carpaccio, and buttermilk-fried calamari. This pizza parlor has been doing gangbuster business since opening. This was Toronto's first "authentic" Neapolitan-style pizzeria: The super-thin crusts cook in less than 2 minutes in a specially built and imported wood-burning oven that hovers around the 700-degree mark. Toppings are simple: in-house-made spicy sausage with tomato sauce, the classic Margherita, and nice veggie options. The place is the brainchild of chef Rocco Agostino and partner Max Rimaldi, and has four other locations; check the website for addresses.