Although not in its original location, Rodney's is a Toronto institution, loved for its maritime hospitality, fine selection of oysters, and fresh-from-the-tank seafood. Rodney Clark is "The Oysterman"; he even has a family-run oyster depot on Prince Edward island that ships oysters to restaurants around North America. The menu here also includes lobster, halibut, salmon, haddock, arctic char, walleye, crab claws, Fundy scallops, New England clam chowder, and shrimp in coconut curry. There is a large selection of wine and beer, including their own "Sea Legs" wine that is custom-made by Cave Springs, but no mixed drinks. Dine at a table or sit at their oyster bar and chat with the knowledgeable staff. At lunchtime they have a Galley Menu with three to five items for under $10. The most popular is tender lobster on soft white roll, with a side of thin fries.