Prolific southwestern artist Ettore “Ted” De Grazia (1909–1982) was a Tucson favorite son, and his home, a sprawling, funky adobe building on 10 acres of land in the foothills, is a city landmark. De Grazia is said to be the most reproduced artist in the world, since so many of his images of big-eyed children were used as greeting cards during the 1950s and 1960s. Today De Grazia’s images seem trite and maudlin, but in his day he was a very successful artist. This gallery is packed with original paintings, even though, near the end of his life, De Grazia burned several hundred thousand dollars’ worth of his paintings in a protest of IRS inheritance taxes. The gift shop has lots of reproductions and other objects with De Grazia images—you might even find an original De Grazia for sale.