A parade must be pretty special to warrant its own museum, and Tuscon's Fiesta de los Vaqueros Rodeo Parade is indeedspecial. It's the longest nonmotorized parade in the country, including all manner of horse-drawn carriages, buggies, and wagons. If you aren't in town for the rodeo, which is in late February, you can still see lot of those old horse-drawn vehicles at this museum. Included in the collection is the original surrey with the fringe on top that was used in the filming of Oklahoma! (which was shot not in Oklahoma but in southern Arizona, south of hte town of Patagonia). There's also a beautiful carriage used by Ava Gardner during the filming of The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean. There are more than 150 vehicles on display, as well as a wide variety of other exhibits on early Tucson history. The only drawback of this fascinating museum is that it's open only a few months of the year (early January to early April)/