The local foods of Ulleung-do include honghapbap (rice with mussels), ttagaebibap (rice with a variety of small shellfish), yakso bulgogi (marinated beef from cattle raised on medicinal herbs), ojingeuh bulgogi (barbecued sweet-and-spicy squid), and sanchae bibimbap (their version of mixed rice bowl with vegetables unique to the island). Many restaurants close in the winter, but you'll still be able to find enough seafood and squid to sate your appetite. To remember your trip, you can buy some dried cuttlefish ("squid jerky") or the famous Ulleung-do hobak yut (pumpkin taffy).

A place known for its local cuisine is 99 Shikdang (tel. 054/791-2287), located on the way up Seonginbong peak. They have ojingeuh bulgogi for W8,000 and ttagaebibap for W13,000.

If you want to eat in Dodong, try the Bobae Shikdang (tel. 054/791-2683), where the specialty is mussels. You can get an order of honghapbap for W10,000. A bit more pricey, but fancier, is the honghapbap at Haeun Shikdang (tel. 054/791-7789) for W13,000. They also offer other seafood dishes, including the ojingeuh bulgogi for W10,000.

For a taste of the tender "medicinal cows," look no further than Ulleung Yakso Sutbul Garden (Ulleung Medicinal Cow Charcoal Fire Garden; tel. 054/791-0990), which serves locally grown beef meals from W6,000 to W15,000. The yakso bulgogi is also tasty at Subok Shikdang (tel. 054/791-4440), which serves an organic version of the dish for W15,000.

In Nari-dong, try the flavors of the regional mountain vegetables at Sanmaeul Shikdang (Mountain Village Restaurant; tel. 054/791-4643). Their sanchae bibimbap is W6,000, while their sanchae jeongshik goes for W10,000.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.