Another genre-busting creation, this indoor ride plows new technological ground: part roller coaster, part motion simulator amid giant 3-D high-def screens. At times your respect for its razor’s-edge complexity will overshadow the purity of the thrills, but it’s still unmissable. The queue lingers in the sumptuous, echoing lobby of Gringotts Bank, where 10 robotic goblins pause long enough from their clerical duties to sneer at you, then your “identification” photo is taken (to sell to you later, of course) and you’re taken by “lift” deep underground to begin the mine cart-like race through the vaults. Almost immediately, nasty lightning bolts from Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter) put your course awry, sending you careening into the slithering presence of Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes). Can Harry, Ron, and Hermione save you in time? (What do you think?) There are some mild spins and drops, but you wear 3-D goggles the whole time, so it’s not that rough, and it’s less scary and height-restrictive than the Forbidden Journey ride at Hogsmeade. Tip: Locker use for small items is mandatory; they’re free and to the right of the front door. There’s a single-rider line that moves quickly, but you’ll miss the entire pre-show, including the photo op and the lift.