You enter this ancient boutique in small groups, and in a little pre-show, the kindly shopkeeper selects one child from the group for a personalized wand selection—it selects them—accompanied by music cues and light tricks. The brief spell thus cast, an attendant then ushers your child directly toward the cash registers in the wand department, where the kids demand you purchase perfect replicas of wands from nearly every major character in the Harry Potter universe (mostly $46–$52 each), from Harry to Hermione to Snape to Voldemort to Bellatrix Lestrange to Luna Lovegood. The wands don’t have price tags, but they do have stickers reading, preposterously, “This is not a toy.” Treat them with care. Some are sturdy, but some, such as Professor McGonagall’s, can break easily.

There is a second location of Ollivanders at Islands of Adventure, but this one has much more space and so the line tends to move faster.

Tip: Even on a quiet day, there can be a line for this, so if it’s high on your list, come early to get your spot.