This grandma-appropriate theater-based attraction was born of synergy—The Tonight Show airs on NBC, Universal Orlando’s corporate cousin. The 4-minute adventure, which hammers you with the show’s running characters and jiggles your bench in motion simulation, starts in a pitch-perfect simulation of Rockefeller Center before devolving into a rollicking and geographically-challenged high-speed trip through the streets of Manhattan and the imagination of Jimmy Fallon, who spouts puns as you go. The motion won’t make you throw up, but Fallon’s smarm might. Named “Most Likely to Feel Outdated Soon” by Frommer’s. The waiting area is confusing—instead of a queue, you get a colored card and you must wait for the sconce lights to change to that color—use the time to look at old Tonight Show memorabilia such as Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent turban.