Most theme park stunt shows are about Tarzan swings and tall tumbles, but not this. Opened in 2020, this international potboiler doubles down on deeply impressive technology and Swiss-watch timing to supply the sensation of a filmic, moving panorama. More than once, you’ll wonder how they achieved something, or you’ll even wonder if your eyeballs were fooled by brilliant and very expensive stagecraft. Nothing to be too scared of here—there are gunshots that sound more like caps and some flames—although you may injure your brain trying to wrap it around the convoluted setup that explains how we’re able to hopscotch the globe without leaving our seats. The stunts are actually very low-risk, nothing threatens the audience, and kids are unlikely to be scared. The show takes 30 minutes, and 6 of them are spent standing during the pre-briefing. Tip: The illusions work better the farther you sit from the stage.