It’s the park’s only homage to the B-movie origins of the Universal name and a rare survivor from the 1990 opening (though much revised). Inside a facade that honors Hollywood’s Pantages Theatre, learn a few light facts about how horror-movie makeup effects are accomplished in this snarky, 25-minute, tongue-in-cheek exposé conducted by a nerdy type in his workshop and his straight-man (or -woman) emcee. On paper, that seems like the kind of thing you might otherwise skip, but in truth park regulars love its wit and playful edge. For ribald ad-libbing and gross-out humor, the park suggests parental guidance, but I find most kids have heard it all before, and it’s certainly true that seeing terrifying movie gore exposed as the make-believe it is can be a good reality check. You can’t get in once the show starts. Even if you skip it, there’s something to see in the lobby: Real props from horror films.