One of the most rewarding landscapes for hiking, this 6,600-hectare (16,309-acre) reserve stretches from Qasrin to the shores of the Sea of Galilee, and is famous for its ancient Tabor oaks (a type of evergreen), forested valleys, and waterfalls. Within the reserve you'll find amazing variety: streams, waterfalls (especially near Gamala), rivers, marshes, pools, and canyons carved from basalt rock. There are detailed, color-coded hiking trails that range from easy to very challenging routes that require rappelling and scaling ladders (for these you must be accompanied by a professional guide). There is also a camping area and snack bar. You must check in with the visitor center for guidelines, trail maps, and trail condition updates. Fauna includes wild boars, hyraxes, foxes, and jackals, and also a range of songbirds, eagles, and vultures. One of the top attractions of the park is the The-Meshushim Pool, set amid natural hexagonally shaped columns. The columns were formed when mineral-rich molten rock cooled slowly, taking on this crystalline structure. Also in Ya'ar Yehudiya are several ancient dolmens, the use and provenance of which is still something of a mystery. The dolmens are not far from Gamla National Park .