90km (56 miles) S of Mendoza

Everything seems to stand still in the remote, high-altitude Valle de Uco, which may not last for long as word spreads about the incredible wines coming from here (and the incredible characters that have been drawn here to make them). The scenery is divine, and the towns are sleepy and rural, with an Old West feel. The current "it spot" for groundbreaking wines, La Consulta, has attracted luminaries such as Michel Rolland, Paul Hobbs, and the Lurton brothers. Altitude varies from 800m (262 ft.) in Tunuy√°n to 1,200m (3,936 ft.) in Tupungato, some of the highest-altitude wineries in the world. Winters here can be very cold, and summers are warm with cooler nights, which helps produce superior color and tannins. This area makes an excellent day trip from Mendoza.