The Würstelstand (sausage stand) is part of Viennese culture, and Bitzinger is perhaps the most famous one. This sleek modern design is right between the opera and the Albertina and on the night of the Opera Ball it's where the tuxedo-and-ball gown set meet with stagehands, garbage men, and demonstrators to enjoy a chat and a juicy bite of Bitzinger's delectable Käsekrainer, Bratwurst, Burenwurst, Waldviertler, or Bosna. They are served with a kaiser roll or as a hot dog. Besides the ketchup option, they'll ask whether you want sweet or spicy mustard, and there are also fries, potato pockets filled with cheese, and plenty of beverages, including 12 different beers and champagne for those who like to munch their cheese-oozing Käsekrainer in style.