Even before entering Disco Volante in the 6th District, it feels like Italy—you can smell the marinara from across the street and instead of ziehen (pull), the small sign on the door says tirare. The owners of the pizza joint Mari in the 2nd district opened their second location in summer of 2013 and have given the new place a highlight that can't be missed: The pizza oven is a giant disco ball. The otherwise simplistic decor is part of the place's no-frills concept, which happens to produce what many think is the best pizza in Vienna. On any given day, the all-Italian pizza bakers make up to 200 pies each. On this small menu, you won't find the typical spinacci, tonno, or quattro stagioni. Instead they keep it simple with either Pizze Bianche or Pizze Rosse with thin crunchy crusts and very high-quality toppings. The meat on the Pizza Egidio comes from the butcher across the street and they import salami directly from Naples. Besides pizza there are delectable olives from southern Italy. While the wine is nothing special for Vienna sommeliers, it's enjoyable enough and with pizzas like this, who needs excessive distraction?