The names about town—be they doctors and lawyers, or actors and ballerinas—can often be spotted in this glass enclosure in the pedestrian zone.  The doors open in summer to provide an ample stage for seeing and being seen. Created by fun-loving and stylish restauranteur Fabio Giacobello, it reopened in 2012 to boast what have become its signature street-side tables.  Inside is a swanky bar area and more private seating. Most of the visual stimulation in this predominantly dark-hued, but attractively lit room, comes from its fashion-savvy, good-looking clientele.  The menu might include Mediterranean sea bass with homemade eggplant gnocchi and San Marzano tomatoes marinated with olive oil and parsley and served on a bed of cold gazpacho cream sauce, or braised rabbit with artichokes on a bed of creamy polenta. The wine bar here is also a nice nightlife option. Someone famous within the inner workings of Vienna's media or politics always seems to leaning on the bar, or keeping the tabloids busy by whispering at one of the low tables surrounding it.