This century-old tavern, with its vaulted ceilings and warm wooden furnishings, evokes Old Vienna on multiple levels. While it is no secret and you won't be the only tourist there, it still feels secluded, tucked away in a passageway off the Wollzeile. The waiters are unflappable and its schnitzels are the kind of plate-filling, golden-brown delicacies that is an obligatory classic to sample when in Vienna. Menu items also include veal goulash with buttery dumpling noodles, grilled chicken, and strudels. During mushroom season (autumn and early winter), expect many variations of Steilpilze and Eierschwammerl, perhaps most deliciously served in an herbed cream sauce over noodles. This restaurant is richly nostalgic and will satisfy every schnitzel-lover's appetite.