This tiny Japanese fusion restaurant is on a romantic section of Praterstrasse at the beginning of the 2nd district, right across from Schwedenplatz. The restaurant is run by a German and an Israeli, and since it opened in 2012 it's been booked every night. The look is industrial with a natural wood bar and tables. Dishes like My Best Friend's Roll or soft-shell crab with daikon and wasabi mayo are stylishly presented, with a flare that displays creativity and innovation. Dishes like the Spider Roll are beautifully crafted with well-controlled tastes, textures, and temperatures. Don't forego the starters like the salty edamame with horseradish, or spinach salad with miso dressing—which can be addictive. The staff is friendly and attentive, and in summer the outdoor seating under the shade of giant trees on this quiet part of the street has become a local favorite.