This local institution suits everything from a business dinner to a family lunch. The interior is low-key, in a sophisticated country style, with wood paneling and an airy winter garden. Plachutta has become a place of legend for their Tafelspitz. They offer 10 variations of the boiled beef dish, which was adored by Emperor Franz Josef throughout his prolonged reign. Variations of the dish can be with a Schulterscherzel (shoulder of beef) or Beinfleisch (shank of beef), but if you're in doubt, the waiters are knowledgeable. Potatoes, chives, and an enticing mixture of horseradish and chopped apples accompany each order. Other Viennese staples like goulash soup, calf's liver, and braised pork with cabbage are also available. Despite the bustle, the staff is cordial and keeps a healthy sense of humor.