In the hipster stomping ground of the 7th district is a delicious cafe and eatery. The food is Vietnamese, the desserts and pastries from next-door's Tart'a Tata are decidedly French, and the laid-back atmosphere is certainly more Viennese than anything else. When you walk in you'll find a long bar, sometimes with a DJ on the end, with small scratched tables nudged into windows across from it. Through a glass door is a larger seating area, with light streaming in the long windows from Zollergasse. Families come here, as do art students and young professionals. It's slightly run down and can get loud when full. And don't be surprised to see a laptop or two as guests take advantage of the free Wi-Fi. The menu has finger food including the delicious Sapanem rolls with pork, chicken, or shrimp fried in rice paper, or the cold version, either vegetarian or with marinated beef, fish, or duck. Main dishes include amazing pho soups as well as other deftly executed Vietnamese standards. They also have a good-size vegetarian menu and a terrific Sunday brunch. No reservations are required, and they do not accept credit cards.