It's an unobtrusive gem in a townhouse in Josefstadt. Even justifiably proud owner Wilhelm Schnattl dismisses its tasteful decor as a mere foil for the presentation of his sublime food. Schnattl is near Town Hall and features a medium-size dining room with walls paneled in a pleasant green, a light hardwood floor, and simple wood furnishings. There is also inviting outdoor seating tucked into the overgrown courtyard in summer. Dishes show intense attention to detail and in some cases a megalomaniacal sweep from the chef whom the press has called a "mad culinary genius." Glazed quail served with Ritschert (pork stew) and roasted artichoke, or simple but tasty lamb served on stuffed potato pockets are just a couple of the offerings. Ask if the kitchen is offering anything that's not on the menu—sometimes guests can get a special treat. And don't forget to sample their fine selection of Austrian wines.