On Wiedner Hauptstrasse an old plumber shop was converted into a hot but low-key eatery that serves up traditional Austrian cooking, "just like Grandma makes it." The grandma in question is Stephanie Herkner's, who also is the daughter of an acclaimed Austrian chef and is the perfect hostess. The restaurant opened in the summer of 2013. The wooden furniture doesn't match perfectly, but that just adds to the charm of this home-style establishment with just enough boho flair for the neighborhood. The plumber's bold sign Installationen still adorns the facade, as do the '60s retro tiles. The salt-of-the-earth recipes will give guests a real taste of authentic Austrian cuisine: plenty of hearty goodness with not a trace of pretension. The weekly menu is seasonal and much of it comes from the proprietor's family farm. It could include favorites like roasted chanterelles served with salad, spinach dumplings with brown butter and parmesan, or a sarma cabbage roulade with parsley, potatoes, and cream. And for dessert there is often a strudel of the day, or something sinfully delicious like red berry compote. No restaurant in Vienna serves anything as close to a home-cooked meal.