The W’s marquee restaurant is named after an archaeological dig in south Vieques that uncovered artifacts from La Hueca indigenous peoples dating back to 160 B.C. One could say the chef here is “archeological” in his approach, too, concentrating on local recipes passed down through the generations and using island herbs and other ingredients. The food that emerges is similar to Puerto Rican cuisine, but like the Sorcé ceramics (which were marked by the styles of other Caribbean cultures), it reflects other influences, as well. We’ve been disappointed by breakfasts here, but the lunch, especially the fish tacos, is good, and the dinners are largely delicious (if pricey for what you get). The red snapper filet in white wine, capers, peppers, olives and tomatoes is a stand-out dish; the beef tenderloin in rum peppercorn sauce is another hit.