81km (50 miles) N of Bariloche; 44km (27 miles) E of the Chilean border

Villa La Angostura is the loveliest mountain village in Argentina. Meaning "Narrow Village," it takes its name from the slender isthmus that connects the town's center with the Quetrihué Peninsula. The town was founded in 1934 by a handful of simple farmers who were eventually displaced by out-of-towners, selecting this lovely location for their summer homes. Increased boating activity, the paving of the road to Bariloche, increased tourism to Chile (the border of which is just 20 min. from town), and the inauguration of several exclusive hotels and a slew of bungalow complexes have converted Villa La Angostura into a upscale getaway for the rich and famous. Even so, this tiny enclave hosts only a fraction of visitors to the region, unlike Bariloche. This picturesque village, with a smorgasbord of mountains and lakes nearby, is for visitors seeking solitude. Most lodging options are tucked away in the forest or on the shore of the Lake Nahuel Huapi, providing beautiful views and quiet surroundings. Like Bariloche, Villa La Angostura is within the borders of Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi. If Bariloche is for action, Villa la Angostura is for relaxing by the lake and slowing things down.