You don't have to be the least bit psychic to visit this center carrying on the work of the late Edgar Cayce, who settled in Virginia Beach and built his Psychic Hospital here in 1928. Cayce's own psychic talent manifested itself when he found he could enter into an altered state of consciousness and answer questions on any topic. His answers, or "discourses," now called "readings," number some 14,305. If you don't know about Cayce, show up at 2pm for a 30-minute movie about his life, followed by a 30-minute guided tour. The Meditation Room on the third floor of the visitor center offers a spectacular view of the ocean and is painted with colors chosen because Cayce's readings suggested they can help attain higher consciousness. In the Psychic Hospital building, the health center and spa offer steam baths, facials, and massages to the public.