An international clientele gathers at Founding Farmers, thanks to the fact that the restaurant is located on the ground floor of the International Monetary Fund, one block from World Bank Headquarters, and within a short walk of the Pan American Health Organization and the State Department. But the real reason for its popularity may be that it’s one of only a few good dining room restaurants (as opposed to fast food joints and delis) in this neck of the woods. So expect a full house, a frenetic ambience, and noise. That’s especially true downstairs, which holds a big bar and communal farm tables, as well as booths and tables. Upstairs tends to be quieter, with silo-shaped booths and small clusters of more intimate seating. So what to order? Founding Farmers fans enthuse about the fancy cocktails, the New Orleans–style French toast available at brunch, and, at lunch and dinner, the crispy shrimp and the griddled farm bread topped with brie, onion jam, and sliced apples. But the options are endless and include meatless entrees that the menu describes as “Prepared on dedicated meatless equipment.” The restaurant is also committed to eco-friendly practices, and uses them even in the restaurant’s design.