El Porvenir is the governmental seat of the Comarca Kuna Yala and the principal gateway for most travelers. There isn't much marine life in the immediate area for snorkeling; what you come for here is to swing in a hammock, swim, and get some sun. With this in mind, 2 or 3 nights is about the maximum travelers stay here. There is one hotel on El Porvenir Island, but most travelers head straight to the dock for the short boat ride to hostels on the islands of Wichubwala, Nalunega, Ukutupu, and Ogobsibudsup. The cheapest lodging in San Blas can be found in this area, making it a popular destination with backpackers. Porvenir is a service-based island -- but that isn't saying much, as all you'll find is an administrative center for governmental offices, a police station, a tiny museum that's usually closed, and public telephones. For a map of the region, stop at the police station to get the Mapa de Comunidades, Recursos Turísticos y Servicios del Golfo de Kuna Yala (cost $5/£2.50).