This new drive-through attraction allows you to experience bison, mountain goats, wolves, bighorn sheep, and -- as the main attraction -- black bears, all roaming freely in a 160-acre wildlife park. Guests, traveling slowly in their cars, can observe herd and pack life as it exists in nature, and the amount of wildlife wandering close to the roads is impressive. In addition to this 3-mile wilderness drive, guests can park and stroll through the 20-acre Fort Bearizona which features smaller animals in protected areas, including adorable bear cubs, wolf pups, bobcats, foxes, porcupines, piglets, goats, and more. There's also a petting area for children to interact with the most docile creatures, as well as a snack bar and gift shop. If you've never confronted bears in the wild (and let's hope you haven't), this may be the safest opportunity you'll get.