Also located on the west side of Jogyesan, Songgwangsa is one of the Sambosachal (three temple treasures of Buddhism) in South Korea. Songgwangsa became the Seungbo (monk) temple, since so many high monks were produced here. In 1969, the temple was reorganized as a monastic center for Mahayana Buddhism with the establishment of an international meditation center so that non-Korean monks could also study and train here. One of the most impressive treasures housed in the temple is the Bisari Gusi, a rice storage container carved from a tree so large that it could hold enough rice for 4,000 monks. They have regular prayer services daily at 6:30pm (5pm in the winter), at lunch, and at dawn.

About an hour's walk from the temple is a tiny hermitage called Cheongja-am. The best part of its site is the two 700-year-old juniper trees.