627km (389 miles) NW of Mexico City; 198km (123 miles) NW of San Luis Potosí; 322km (200 miles) NE of Guadalajara; 298km (185 miles) SE of Durango

Zacatecas, like Guanajuato, owes its beauty to the wealth of silver extracted from its mines. The farthest-flung of the silver cities, it still feels like an outpost of civilization. High above the center of town looms a rocky hill with a distinctive crest, which is accessible by cable car. From the summit, you have a panoramic view of the wild and desolate terrain that surrounds the city. The scene makes you realize what a frontier town Zacatecas must have been, and after you have been in town for a few days, you appreciate its present sophistication all the more. You will find surprisingly good museums, beautiful architecture, and good restaurants. The city has gone to the enormous trouble of burying all of its power and telephone cables, which adds greatly to the beauty of the town and makes strolling along the streets a pleasure.