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Pauline Frommer's Introduction to Northern Michigan, Part 1 | Frommer's Pauline Frommer

VIDEO: The Sophisticated Pleasures of Northern Michigan

In the heart of the heartland, a vacation destination awaits that will surprise and delight.
Big urban centers like New York and Los Angeles don't have a lock on glamour. Sophistication can also be found on sleek and challenging golf courses designed by masters. Or restaurants where innovative chefs are cooking produce that was in the ground or dangling from a tree that very afternoon. Lakes as big as oceans, towering sand dunes, fine wineries, hip micro-breweries, boutique shopping, historic sights, and world-renowned festivals—Northern Michigan has all that and more.

In this video, Pauline Frommer introduces the refined pleasures of this part of the country. It's an area that will be easier than ever to visit in 2017, thanks to a half dozen new direct flights into Traverse City from all corners of the United States.

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