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Reliving the past in Northern Michigan | Frommer's Pauline Frommer

VIDEO: Reliving the Past in Northern Michigan

A trip to Northern Michigan is a rich and rewarding journey through time. Pauline Frommer hits up some of the historical highlights.

The first land battle of the War of 1812.

The heaquarters for robber baron John Jacob Astor's fur trading empire.

The place where groundbreaking medical experiments took place, shedding light on the mechanics of human digestion.

Native American artifacts dating back over 1000 years.

For history buffs, these are just some of the good reasons for visiting Northern Michigan, an area filled with fascinating history and hard-working curators, re-enactors, and historians helping to preserve and illuminate the past.

In this video, Pauline Frommer presents a short rundown of the region's rich historical attractions, illustrating how a trip to Northern Michigan is a fun and fascinating journey through time.

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