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Explorers at Heart Ought to Consider a Hurtigruten cruise, Says Arthur Frommer | Frommer's Hurtigruten

Explorers at Heart Ought to Consider a Hurtigruten cruise, Says Arthur Frommer

Let’s say you’ve cruised the Caribbean on several forgettable occasions. You’ve also cruised the Mediterranean and made one memorable sailing in Asia. 

You’re eager now for a completely different kind of seagoing experience.

Hurtigruten is for you. On its ships, you won’t find casinos or water slides. You won’t be asked to abide by a dress code. Your fellow passengers will be unpretentious and highly intellectual people from around the world.  And your cruise will mainly take place on the polar seas of our planet.

Hurtigruten is the Norwegian line that first made its name as Norwegian Coastal Voyages in sailings up and down the Norwegian coast, featuring the fjords of that unspoiled area.  

It has since expanded to sailings of Antarctica, to trips along the entire coast of Iceland, to adventures in Greenland and other northern places. 

Each of its cruises is accompanied by an “expedition team” of highly skilled hikers and outdoor explorers. Each cruise features daytime hiking expeditions along the areas where the ship stops. 

The cruise is meant for active persons and for persons with curiosity about the terrains and wildlife of our polar areas. If you’re among them, you’ll find that the oddly named Hurtigruten is for you. 

Skim its vacation descriptions and you’ll never again be content with a sailing aboard the larger and more placid cruise ships with their casinos, water slides, and dress codes.